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sattler machine product 5 Our company is based on our strength in computer numerically controlled (CNC) short to intermediate production runs.  Shorter runs allow production flexibility that enables us to meet the needs of our customers’ schedules.
    • CNC Turning (up to 25.5” diameter)
    • CNC Milling
    • General Machine Work
    • Jig and Fixture
    • Welding and Weldments
    • Prototype Machining and Tooling
    • Assembly
    • Quality Control Inspection

Our quality programs are driven by our customer’s requirements and expectations. Our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) affords high level of quality assurance for us.  This, combined with a detailed Quality Control Program, allows us to provide consistent quality production at all times.

That means we provide products and a quality of service you might expect only from a larger shop. 

Materials We Machine

• Aluminum
• Gray Iron
• Ductile Iron
• Mild Steel
• Plastic
• Alloy Steel
• Tool Steel
• Stainless Steel

• Copper
• Burnouts
• Brass
• Aluminum Bronze
• Friction Material
• Castings
• Bar Stock
• Plate

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